Halloween in San Diego

Halloween in San Diego

Day 76
October 31, 2012
After breakfast Linda and Ed offer to take us on a tour of San Diego. Christof wants to go to REI, a specialty sport shop, where he buys some parts for his bicycle, and two tiny fold-up chairs, like the one Tom, the cyclist we met at the Grand Canyon, had in his trailer. [Read more…]

San Diego!


Day 75
October 30, 2012
When we wake up the house is empty, breakfast is set up on the kitchen counter, and bags of Halloween candy, cake, and freshly baked cookies are packed in baggies for the trip. A warm feeling envelops us being so well cared for and trusted by a perfect stranger. [Read more…]

American Hospitality

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Day 74
October 29, 2012
This morning I am so tired I can hardly pack my bags. We discover that both our front tires are flat. I laze around on the sofa, reading books left in the recreation room by other campers, while Christof changes them. We load up our gear and now both back tires are flat.
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Christof repairs these, and in the meanwhile my front tire is flat again! Goat heads have thorns so tiny they are invisible and almost imperceptible. Our tires are filled with their prickers, and Christof spends ages extracting them with pliers and tweezers. [Read more…]

Full Moon in Glamis


Day 72
October 27, 2012
Another flat tire early this morning, yesterday’s patch didn’t hold and is leaking. The route across the next stretch of desert can’t be managed in one day. After breakfast in the motel lobby with a middle-aged couple touring around on motorcycles, we plan on riding to a small town seventeen miles outside of Blythe, where we hope to hitch a ride to Glamis, thus shortening the distance to Brawley the next town with services. [Read more…]