Kata Beach

Day 209
March 12, 2013
Today our one and only goal is to get away from Patong Beach. The hotel receptionist suggests Kata Beach, a family place only a half-hour ride from here. DSCN7235On arrival we’re disappointed to discover that, aside from the fact that the beach has warm and stunningly beautiful water, it’s every bit as crowded and overrun as Patong Beach. Having spent summers on Cape Cod’s divinely quiet beaches, I can’t get used to people lying crushed together like sardines in a tin.
Looking up the statistics for the nationalities of Puket’s visitors, the list is headed by Australians, followed by Swedes, Russians, Chinese, Brits, Germans, Finns, Danes, Japanese and Koreans. Perhaps that was for Patong Beach; in Kata Beach there are mostly just Russians and Chinese. Thailand is less than a four-hour flight from Shanghai but more than nine hours from Moscow!
DSCN7226Checking into a hotel wrapped around a central pool, we take a break in our cool air-conditioned room. The heat is far too intense to even contemplate going out. I have still have the flu and because I was running around instead of resting, I’ve now got a incessant headache. Forced to take it easy, we watch a film Christof got from the reception desk. When it cools down, I accompany him to the beach where I sit and watch him swim because I’m too weak to go into the water. During the evening we order pizza from room service and watch another DVD.


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